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Improving Everyday Life With Robotics


Meet Jimmie + Sabrina

We're a husband wife team (ex Architect & ex Broadway star) who found fitness/nutrition through the MLM company Beachbody (now BODi). After meeting on an infomercial set in 2015, we both realized there were improvements within the network we wanted to make. Our passion now is to improve the network, dispel misinformation, educate and simplify health, and bring in new people who feel the same.  

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  • Jimmie Brenton is a personal trainer, nutrition coach and entrepreneur but he didn’t start out in health & fitness. Jimmie started as a Virginia state top 10 track & field athlete in high school, then changed directions going on to college graduating with his Masters of Science in Architecture from Texas Tech University.


    Soon he found himself on a path of daily drinking, unemployment and nightly McDonald’s runs. After joining Beachbody on a bet, Jimmie quickly became passionate about fitness but wanted to further his education in the field. 


    Since then he’s gone on to become a NASM certified Personal trainer (CPT), a NASM Behavior Change Specialist (BCS), a Precision Nutrition Coach (PnL1), a Neurotyping Coach, work as a personal trainer at Equinox and run his own private training for his clients in his home. 


    Currently he lives in TX with his wife Sabrina and their 6 cats. Meow that’s a lot!

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  • Sabrina de Matteo started singing and acting professionally at 16 years old. She performed on stages around the world with Broadway tours and with No Bad Juju, a band she co-lead and fronted. She can also be seen and heard on multiple national commercials, movies, iTunes, ads, and radio spots.

    In 2009, her mother was tragically killed, which lead her to reevaluate her priorities and her purpose. She started teaching Zumba to get closer to her Latino roots, and that lead her to getting various group x certifications. She found Beachbody in 2012 and immediately fell in love with the community and everything the company stood for. It was also the perfect way to help her students outside the classroom.


    In 2016, she was flown out to LA to be a part of the Tony Horton 22 Minute Hard Corps infomercial as a transformation story, and that’s where she met her now husband, Jimmie. He was a cast member and their friendship turned into a love story.

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